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"I can't thank Amy enough for how she has changed my life."

CS, 47 year old male

"Amy helped me learn the tools to succeed in my recovery. I know God placed her in my life." 

MH, 31 year old male

"Working with Amy, you get the real deal. I know hearing the truth is hard and when Amy tells it, she tells it."

MT, 22 year old female

"Amy is somehow able to see through my BS and tell me what I needed to hear." 

MF, 17 year old male

"I am grateful for what Amy taught me. She definitely called me out on my bullsh*t."

SE, 27 year old female

"I gained a lot of insight into myself and why I do what I do. Amy helped me see why I was stuck in my past and how to move forward." 

KK, 58 year old female

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